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See You On The Water

Usually I jot down an idea for my weekly blog sometime early in the week. By midweek I have a rough draft and on Friday or Saturday I polish and post it. This week was a tad crazier than normal and I foolishly procrastinated. Like all good procrastinators, I had a good plan of how to pull things back on schedule.

The new plan was I would pick an idea out of my idea basket, (aka, my brain), and write a rough draft on Friday evening after work. Then I’d polish and post it on Saturday. It sounded like a good plan, but it didn’t happen. On Friday night we went sailing in Tampa Bay. I’ve been recruited as a deckhand for the Friday night races that run through the summer. After sailing and once again securing our stronghold of last place, there were a few beers to drink and some pulled pork enchiladas to eat. When we got home shortly before midnight, the blog plan was revised again. Now the entire thing would have to be written, polished and posted on Saturday. It was still very doable.

We sailed again on Saturday and when we got home in the late afternoon we were pooped. So, we napped for a short while and then our daughter came over for hotdogs on the grill and the hours slipped away until fatigue set in and it happened again. The blog was pushed back another day.

I had to go to Daytona for work on Sunday evening, so if the blog was going to be written, I was going to have to get up and write it early Sunday morning. The problem was, as you may have guessed by now, we went back to the marina and climbed onto our sailboat and headed back to Tampa Bay for a few hours of sailing. Then we cleaned up the boat, stowed away everything that needed to be stowed, and finally, tinkered on some stuff that needed tinkering before heading back to the house. After cleaning up, resting for a bit and grabbing a bite to eat, it was time to hit the road and head over to Daytona.

It’s now 9:30 Sunday night and I’ve decided, at long last, to sit down and write my weekly blog. I said in my initial blog, I would always write only about things I am knowledgeable about. So, as this weekend winds to a close, let me tell you what I know with absolute certainty.

Sailing was great this weekend.

See you on the water.

B.M. Simpson

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