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Meet the Author

USAF retired author B.M. SIMPSON has been writing songs, poems and short stories since 1982. He is the author of the series Island Dogs, A Caribbean Tale. The set includes the novels Island Dogs, Avis Humphrey and Bella Vita. He has also authored the novel The Reporter and a series of children’s books for his ArtPlayStories.  Simpson uses a unique moving dialogue to develop characters who are flawed, humorous, relatable and “normal”, and weaves a plot with such a detailed storyline and unexpected twist that his colorful characters are brought to life with his words. His advice to people who read his writing, “Don’t take life too seriously. It will be over before you know it.”

Simpson was born and raised in small-town New England where he grew up and spent much of his time outdoors playing sports, walking the Maine woods and enjoying the river in front of his home. He joined the Air Force and received two degrees from CCAF.  He has spent many years living, working, and traveling in the Caribbean and feels at home with the peaceful vibe, sun, sea, and warm breezes of the islands. 


Simpson is currently working to finish his fifth novel and plans to publish and release a collection of his short stories in 2024.

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