First there was Island Dogs. Then there was  Avis Humphrey. Now... Bella Vita.

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Bella Vita

Pellet wanted more out of life. Avis tried to help him find it. What a ride. It turns out that "more" is a vague term.

Avis Humphrey

All Avis wanted to do was live in a small New Hampshire town, fish with his buddy, drink a few PBR's now and then, and chase a few local girls.

Everything went wrong when he won $967 million dollars in the Powerball.


Where do five strangers go after:

a lover is killed,

a husband announces he’s gay,

a woman survives Eastern European poverty,

a hardluck victim loses everything,

and a wandering dreamer strolls into all of their lives?


For better or worse, these five expats end up in a beach bar on the Caribbean Island of Anguilla. Pull up a beach chair, an easy chair or just plop down in the sand and enjoy the ride.