We Are Not In Witness Protection

A friend shot me an email and asked for our new address. I believe her exact words were, “Hey. Can I get your new address? Don’t worry. I won’t give it to anyone.” I laughed and responded, “We move a lot, but we’re not actually in Witness Protection. Share it with whom you like.” Then I thought about her comment and wondered if she really thought we were on the lamb.

To say, ‘we move a lot’, is a bit of an understatement. At last count, my wife and I have lived in 31 homes in 35 years. We have lived in six countries, six states and countless towns and cities. Before meeting up with me all those years ago, my better half had lived in at least three other countries and I don’t know how many states and cities. As for me, I spent the first nineteen years of my life in Winterport, Maine. I had no dreams of traveling or wandering or becoming a gypsy. I thought I would grow up, grow old and fade away in the Great State of Maine. But that was a long time ago.

Our wanderlust fueled our travel bug more than we ever dreamed possible and over the decades we discovered our favorite places. Italy ranks at the top of the list, or at the very least it is tied for first with Anguilla. To be honest, Germany, Grand Cayman and St Kitts were not all that bad either. And of course, the United States will always be home and you know what they say, “There’s no place like home.” Despite so many places all being filled with breathtaking scenery and wonderful people, none of them seemed to pull on our heart strong enough to make us settle down and quit our rambling ways.

Then about a year ago we moved to St Petersburg, Florida and within days we began saying, “Best move ever!” We felt a draw and a homelike attraction to this revitalized Old Florida city right from the very beginning. The heat and the bay and the beaches are always pluses in our book. The marina is close-by and there are museums and entertainment and cafés and restaurants everywhere. The population is diverse and we immediately knew that life could be good here. We finally found a place to settle down. I mean, I think this is a place we could call home. The odds are pretty good that we’ll stay here… probably… at least for a while. Maybe.

“Honey? Why is there a moving truck in front of the house?”

These days, when someone asks where I’m from, I just say, “Earth!” And then I stroll on down the road.

I’ll let you know when and where we go next.

See you on the horizon,

B.M. Simpson

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