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Anguilla Relief Fund

My wife and I have lived in a lot of places in our lifetime, but living in Anguilla for a couple of years changed us forever. The white beaches, the blue water, the fantastic music, the beyond delicious foods, and of course, the truly amazing people of the island will remain a part of our lives and in our hearts no matter where our future takes us.

While we have sent what we could to help some of our friends who suffered destruction from the recent hurricanes, we want to do more. After some discussion, we came up with an idea to help generate funds for the island restoration projects while giving people a little something for their money.

From now until December 31, 2017 we will donate 100% of the profits from the Amazon sales of Island Dogs, a novel by BM Simpson, to the Blooms Anguilla Relief Fund (through

The novel Island Dogs is a story of five expats from around the world who befriend each other in a bar in Anguilla as each of them tries to put their dysfunctional life back on the right track. Throw in a local bartender, an island beauty, a local woman who is shrewder than most could imagine, a Frenchman who gets in over his head and a few more characters in the mix and you have the recipe for Island Dogs, the novel.

Of course, wanting the book to be authentic, I did a fair amount of research at some of the great island bars such as the Ferry Boat Inn, the Pump House, Sunshine Shack, Elvis’s, Sandy Island, The Dune and several fine establishments on the island. All of them were inspirational to writing the novel.

So, if you want to help Anguilla with their rebuilding efforts and read a fun, island novel about some dysfunctional expats and the friendships they kindled while living in Anguilla, go to the link below and help us raise funds for the restoration of our beautiful island. Every purchase will be appreciated and every penny of profit from the Amazon sales will be donated to the fund.

Stay cool. Happy reading. And lots of peace and love to our friends in AXA.

BM Simpson…/…/B00U398TAQ

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