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Be Cool

I sat down to write for a while tonight and as often is the case, I had no idea what tonight’s subject would be. It took me about two seconds to decide to Google John Lennon and put some music on before I started writing. This is a change for me. While I ALWAYS listen to music when I write, I usually listen to classical or flamenco and don’t listen to lyrics. It’s difficult for me to have clear, non-plagiarizing thoughts when I’m listening to someone else's words, even if it’s rock and roll. So, as I said, I sat down and pondered and Googled John, and in a matter of seconds I knew what I was going to write.

Before I get started, ask yourself a question and don’t cheat to get the answer. If you google John Lennon, what comes up? If you guessed, Imagine, you were wrong. If you guessed, The Beatles, you were wrong. If you guessed Abbey Road, or Paul McCartney or the White Album or Yoko Ono or a hundred other pieces of mind blowing Lennon or Beatles moments in history, you were wrong. The first three John Lennon sites to pop up when you google his name are about the guy who killed him and the day we lost him. My instant reaction was, “Man, what a world we live in. The internet can find the worst of the best in a matter of seconds.”

So I sat an pondered for a few minutes and shrugged and didn’t go to those sites and I found some Lennon Music and listened to it. It was good. Lennon was cool.

Be cool.

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