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Life... It's Easier Than You Think

I was doing some research on the internet for my next book and something caught my eye. Have you ever noticed how many times we are told that just about everything we aspire to do is “easier than you think”? If we’re not told in those exact words, we’re told in a message that says the same thing. You know, like “Flying To The Moon Made Easy” or “The Simple Way To Fly To The Moon” or some other overly simplistic explanation of how to accomplish something that appears, at least in my mind, to be quite difficult. I could be wrong, but after spending only fifteen or twenty minutes of digging I realized that unless by some slight chance the internet folks are mistaken or just blowing smoke, just about everything you could ever imagine doing is easier than you think. That’s the message I got.

“Building You Own Web Page Is Easier Than You Think.”,

“Lowering Your Blood Pressure Is Easier Than You Think.”

“Getting A Job Is Easier Than You Think.”

“Becoming Wealthy Is Easier Than You Think.”

“Losing Weight Is Easier Than You Think.”

"Understanding Religion, Running a Non-Profit, Going Green, Burglary Protection, Marriage, Learning Russian, Meditation, Blogging, Gaming, Cloud Integration (I don’t even know what that is), Green Nanotechnology (that’s right. Whatever that is, it’s easier than you think), Starting A Business, Buying A Home, Staying Healthy In Barcelona (I didn’t read the article, but it sounds as if staying healthy in Spain may be different than staying healthy in other parts of the world), Learning To Fly, and my all-time favorite, Life Can Be Easier Than You Think."

I could do this all day because creating a list of things that are “easier than you think” is a whole bunch easier than you think.

What seems to be a lot harder than creating an “easier than you think” list, is actually doing the things on the “easier than you think” list.

I’ve built my own webpage. In fact I’ve built a couple of amateurish ones and I’ve yet to build a particularly good one. You wanna know why? It’s because building a GOOD web page can be harder than you think. I’ve got naturally low blood pressure so I’ll skip that one, but getting a job is a bit like building a web page. It’s easy to get a lousy job. Getting a good job may be harder than you think. It takes work and perseverance. It usually takes having a bit of experience or a college education, or both. It would seem to me if becoming wealthy was easier than you think, there would be a lot more wealthy people. Jus sayin. America is at an all-time high for obesity and according to the internet, we’re fat for no other apparent reason. After all, losing weight is easier than you think. After that one, the list just took off and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I could make a fifty page list that encompassed just about everything imaginable, and guess what? It’s all easier to do that I thought it was.

The best one was “Life Can Be Easier Than You Think.” The same life that is filled up with things like families and jobs and religion and wars and integrating into the cloud and losing weight and building a webpage and learning Russian and starting a business and of course Green Nanotechnology… it’s all easier than you think.

So the next time you get overwhelmed and you are looking for a way to make things simple, just go to the web. All the simplification answers are out there. And finding them is “easier than you think.”

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