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Target Audience

Let me be clear about who I would like to see reading my books.


In reference to who I’d like to see go out and buy a copy and sit down, perhaps with a rum drink, and read Island Dogs, from cover to cover, I have to say that I am not particular who you are. I do not care what you may or may not believe in. I don’t care about your political affiliation. I don’t care about your religious affiliation. I don’t care about your sexual or gender affiliation. I don’t care about your race or nationality affiliation. I don’t even care about your work affiliation. I don’t care what you think about the climate or the shape of the Earth or vaccinations. As a matter-of-fact, I don’t care about any of your affiliations and beliefs, period. Unlike Bud Light or Ford or Target, there is no moral high ground for me to stand on that would allow me to look down and instruct the world how to make their big philosophical life-altering decisions. I’m fucking clueless about half the time, and even when I’m not, I’m often wrong. I write books that are, for the most part, about misfits who drink too much rum and beer while in or on their way to the Caribbean, and they screw up more than their share of the times. These characters do not want to take the time to ponder the big world questions. They just want another drink and time with friends, and some answers to more relevant questions like, why did this seem like a good idea before it all went bad?


I do not have all the right answers to all the big questions in life, so, I leave all of that stuff out of my books. World issues? Who gives a shit? My books aren’t about any of that stuff anymore than Bud Light is. I’ve got no idea of what they were thinking when they decided to purposely offend their hundred and fifty year old market base. I heard one guy say that after they made their big blunder, they should have just shown that scene from the movie The Hangover, where the guy is on the phone in the desert and says, “We fucked up.” And they should have left it at that. Given six billion dollars of hindsight, it was probably good advice. As for Ford creating a gay truck or Target pushing the trans message to children who are way too young to have any idea what trans is, I guess they had a specific market in mind when they created their campaigns and I wish them luck. But I’m thinking bigger than they were thinking. I want to sell to EVERYONE, and not just a select slice of the market pie. Straight, trans, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and all others, (except maybe the French. There’s just something about them that just bugs me), Catholic, Muslim, Hindi, Pastafarian, atheist, electric-car drivers, four-wheel truck drivers, sober folks, drunk folks, stoned, clean, Flat Earthers, Veterans, peace loving hippies, circus clowns, politicians…. Everyone! That’s who I want to buy my books. There can be no argument made against the world just chilling out and enjoying the ride a little bit. Read a book. Have some fun. Maybe have a drink and lighten the hell up.

Despite what we are all being told, not everything in life has to promote a moral message that is likely going to offend half the world’s population, no matter which side of the message that you share. Sometimes it’s okay to just laugh and joke and make fun of ourselves, and maybe make fun of each other and then try to remember that none of us are all that bright, and we do not have all the answers. Hell, we can’t even figure out a way to just get along with each other.

I guess my big question of the day is, why would anyone want to live in this screwed up, stressed out world, and then write books about our screwed up, stressed out world? And why would anyone want to read those books? I write stories that are fun to write and fun to read. I write stories about people who are pretty good hearted and sort of smart and who make a lot of bad life choices. And I want everyone to read those stories. That’s my target audience. You are my target audience. EVERYONE is my target audience!

So, take a sip and then go to You’ll be able to order books from Amazon right from my homepage. While on my website, you might as well read some of my old blogs and drop me a message if you feel like it. If you have any of the big answers to the big questions in life, please keep them to yourself. I’ve heard all I want to hear for a while. In my mind I’m back in the islands and I’m not dealing with any of that crap. Other than that, it would be great to hear from you.

Gotta go. Time for a Red Stripe. And I’ll probably write for a while.


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