Bella Vita



Everyone has heard at least one joke that starts off with, “Three people walked into a bar…” 

The characters in Bella Vita are those three people along with a few more. Wayne “Pellet” Pelletier is not a guy you would probably describe as a dependable, mature, adult. He is a thirty-five year old construction worker who has spent more than his fair share of time in a Caribbean bar or two over the past seven years.


His cousin Avis was a dependable, hardworking, small town mechanic from New Hampshire until he won a billion dollars in a Powerball Jackpot. These days you can probably find him standing on the beautiful shores of Anguilla with a fishing rod in one hand and a Red Stripe in the other.


Lucy was a young corporate New York rising star on an amazing career trajectory, until the upward trajectory suddenly reversed direction.


Helmut, the ever present fixture in the corner of the bar, is still sitting at his table writing like a madman.


And Desmund continues to be a laid back island bartender who would appreciate it if Pellet could behave himself when he is sitting and drinking in Dez’s Bar. Together, with a few more characters tossed into the mix for good measure, they all band together in search of a beautiful life; in search of Bella Vita.

You can’t keep a good Island Dog down. On the other hand, you may not be able to get them up either.

First there was Island Dogs. Then there was Avis Humphrey.


Bella Vita



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