I absolutely LOVED this book! Downloaded it to my kindle and started reading, and finished it in two days. The only reason I didn't finish it in one day, was because I had to work! Simpson has this way of writing that pulls you into the story as if the characters are your best friends.

So good to be reunited with friends I’ve come to love from Island Dogs and Avis Humphrey... Everything from the first two books just melded together to create moments of laughter, inspiration and surprise that kept me flying through the pages of Bella Vita. Like all great books, the hardest part is saying see you later to all the characters I have come to love - can’t wait to see what the next book has in store for us!

This was such an exciting addition to our little home library. I have one child who LOVES reading, and one child who will read if they have to. I got them both a copy and I can say it's one of the few times they have both been equally enthusiastic about a book.