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The Countdown & The Blog

There are blogs about everything these days. In fact, some people even blog about Nothing. I read a post recently from one blogger who believes so profoundly in nothing, she felt the need to convince others to believe in it, as if nothing were some sort of spiritual journey. It was mildly interesting, but seemed pointless. I would think if you believe in nothing you could just keep it to yourself. It is after all… nothing.

With every possible subject already being blogged about, I find myself in a quandary. What can I possibly say better than what has already been written by someone else?

I am a writer so my first thought was to do a Writer’s blog, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. My theory about “writers blogs” is there were only about five or ten of them ever created. Ever since the first batch was written they have been repeated, rewritten or simply plagiarized a few million times. The same advice passed along over and over again as if we are stuck in a Writer’s Blog Twilight Zone. I would think if you want to market yourself on a creative writing blog, step one would be to be creative.

Then there are SEX BLOGS, but I'm not going there. With that said, you see how I worked it in? SEX BLOGS in big capital letters, just to let you know there is a possibility of something to do with sex on my blog. There isn't. Not heterosexual. Not LGBTQIAPDXYZ. None. No sex here.

Blogging about politics would certainly spur a flurry of responses, but I will stay away from that mess. No matter which way I went with that topic, half the people would attack me and the other half would crown me as an enlightened visionary. A marketing dream/nightmare. Plus, who cares? It’s politics.

There are even blogs about blogging. They typically say something like “Your blog should be fresh and interesting.” Then they repeat the same advice you can find on hundreds of other blogs about blogging. Ironic, huh? They give good advice. They just don’t follow it.

Can a blog make you ponder simpler things?

All that takes me back to the question of what to blog about. What can I write about with any authority or first hand knowledge? What can I blog about that anyone might want to read?

I’ve lived in a lot of places and done a fair amount of traveling. I’ve rubbed shoulders with ditch diggers and millionaires and can speak first hand of what makes them the same as each other. I’ve dabbled in religion and politics and more than dabbled in rum and beer. (Those days are pretty much behind me). I’ve had my nose broken in the boxing ring and cuddled with my daughters when they were fragile infants. I have lived.

The things I know best are the things that go on in my head and in my heart based on my life experiences. Life’s moments have made me laugh and they have made me cry. They have inspired me to embrace life and to question life. They have filled me with amazement and they have made me wonder why I bothered to get out of bed. These thoughts and experiences are really the only things I can speak of with a unique voice. Whether I write truth or fiction, the only genuine message I can share with you is what comes out of me naturally.

I hope I can make you laugh a little or cry a little, but most importantly, to feel something at least a little. I hope reading my blog will cause you to ponder some of the simpler things in life and embrace the little things in your life. On a good day, I hope to make you question… everything.

A lot of publishers and agents tell me, as a writer, I am supposed to make the world a better place. I am not that grandiose. I am just a writer and a struggling one at that. I do not have any grand answers.

My big message for the day is this. The countdown is on and there is no day like today. If you laugh or cry or just ponder a little bit then you are alive. That’s a good thing, because where there’s life, there’s hope.

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