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Back in the late 1970’s “they” told everyone that the polar ice caps were melting and that much of NYC and Miami was going to be underwater soon. That was forty-five years ago and there are two things I’m certain of. Neither of them are underwater yet, not even a little bit, and we’re still not sure who “they” are. Today “they” are telling us that the world is going to end soon if we don’t send all of our factories to Asia, and if all of the oil used in the USA is not purchased from a foreign country. And there are still some things I’m certain of. First, I’m certain that it doesn’t sound right that moving our factories to another country will do anything to help save the planet, and oil is oil, no matter who we buy it from. Also, it's still a bit fuzzy who “they” are. And do not say that “they” are scientists. Scientists are working for the ever-elusive “they,” but scientists are not actually “they.” “They” are much sneakier than scientists.

I started thinking about a list of things that “they” told us over the years, and how sometime later “they” told us something completely different, as if “they” had some sort of credibility after steering us wrong in the first place. In my lifetime “they” told us that drinking coffee is good for us and it is bad for us. Then “they” said eating eggs was good for us and then bad for us. Red meat was good for us, then bad for us, and I think “they” say we’re back to it being good for us. To be honest, I’m a little lost on the red meat one. Since “they” told us all possibilities with absolute certainty, it would seem like “they” are probably wrong, at least once.

“They” used to tell us to eat right and get plenty of exercise to stay in shape and feel better about ourselves and to be perceived as more attractive by others. Now, “they” say that fat people are just as attractive as people who are in shape. This works for me, since I’m a bit on the chubby side, but I do question whether or not “they” are correct. I still see hot looking women checking out hot looking guys a lot more than they check out me. “They” may have missed their mark on this one.

“They” have told us that alcohol is bad for us, but “they” also say that a drink of spirits every day is good for your health.

“They” have always seemed to be a big proponent of the freedom of speech, but as of late “they” are punishing a lot of people who speak out and disagree with the messaging of “they”. I’m beginning to wonder if there might be more than one “they.”

“They” told us that the Vietnam War and the Gulf Wars were necessary and justified, and then “they” said they were not. Seems that the old “they” should not have been trusted. Now, “they” are doing it again with Ukraine. We can see where this is heading. “They” will explain why this was a mistake in a few years and no doubt blame the old “they”... again.

Not too long ago, “they” told me that the word “they” meant two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified. Then, a year or so ago, “they” decided that “they” could mean a person of unspecified gender. I would guess that would infer that the word “they” could imply two or more genders, but “they” would be likely offended by that statement because… well, shit. Who knows why, but I’m pretty sure “they” would be. “They” pretty much do and say whatever they want and get offended when we don’t listen to what “they” say.

“They” tell millions of people to invest in the stock market, but from what I have read, “they” own about 90% of the market. That would make me think that “we” are giving all our money to “they” every time we invest in the market that “they” own, but what do I know? “They” would likely say that I don’t know anything at all. “They” might be right, but my instincts tell me that “they” are not to be trusted and that we shouldn’t listen to “they” anywhere near as much as we do.

A couple of years ago, “they” told us all that we had to get some vaccines. When well-educated and concerned people began pointing out that the shots were not actually vaccines at all, “they” changed the definition of the word vaccine and mandated vaccines around the world. “They” are a slippery bunch indeed. It’s been estimated that “they” made a hundred billion dollars from that one little re-definition. In this case, we know exactly who “they” are.

I am absolutely certain that “they” have told us to not talk to strangers on the internet and to not share personal and financial data on the internet. This is being told to us at the same time that “they” are creating websites for us to meet strangers on the internet, and “they” are making it harder and harder to not bank online. This of course means that we are being forced to share our personal and financial information with complete strangers on the internet. Damn “they”!

Not all that long ago, “they” told everyone that women belonged in the kitchen. Now, “they” are offended that anyone would have ever thought that way, and the new “they” seems to be of the opinion that the old “they” should be punished. This is a bit tricky because just exactly who the new “they” is, is not really any more clear than who the old “they” was.

When I was a kid, “they” told everyone of all races that we should learn to respect and love each other. The message for a few decades was that we should learn to coexist in harmony. It seems like over the past few years, “they” are doing everything humanly possible to get people of all races to hate and destroy each other. Sonofabitch, “they” are a confusing bunch of goblins.

As for me, I don’t give a damn what “they” say. Turns out that I have a brain and a moral compass and I can pretty much figure things out for myself. I don’t really care whether or not “they” are perturbed or offended that I’m opting out of the world of “they.” Personally, I think that “they” are full of a lot of stuff. It turns out that knowledge and wisdom are not included in the stuff of “they.”.

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